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Intraosseous Infusion Devices Market

: Global Market Estimation, Dynamics, Trends, Competitor Analysis 2014-2018 and Forecast 2019-2025

The Intraosseous Infusion Devices Market: By Product Type (FAST1 Device, Dieckmann Modified Needle, BIG Device, EZ-IO Device, Jamshidi Needle, FASTx Device, NIO), By Technology (Battery-Powered Driver, Manual IO Needles, Impact Driven Devices), By Route of Administration (Distal Femur, Sternum, Distal and Proximal Tibia, Calcaneus, and Head of Humerus), By End-User (Hospitals, Emergency Medical Services, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, and Cardiac Care Centers), By Geography


Intraosseous Infusion Devices Market


Market Outline: Intraosseous Infusion Devices Market

Intraosseous Infusion is a quick and powerful method for getting basic liquids and solutions into the vascular framework. Though Intravenous (IV) get to utilizes a fringe vein, Intraosseous Infusion (IO) gets to the venous framework through the bone marrow.


Market Dynamics: Intraosseous Infusion Devices Market 

Intraosseous infusion is suggested amid peripheral venous access failure for cardiopulmonary revival, which thusly is relied upon to support the development of the worldwide intraosseous mixture gadgets advertise over the forecast period. Development of the worldwide intraosseous mixture gadgets advertise is fundamentally determined by rising worries of the Intraosseous infusion devices industry for military doctors and air medicinal crisis administrations. A rising number of horrible medical procedures in doctor’s facility settings and expanding commonness of cardiovascular issue is relied upon to additionally support showcase development.


However, a high probability of compartment disorder because of spouting of liquids and medications into delicate tissues; confinements on account of people with extreme osteoporosis and hypovolemic conditions; and hindrance of IO implantation gadgets after entry of vein watcher are factors liable to limit showcase development over the forecast period.


Market Scope: Intraosseous Infusion Devices Market 

The Intraosseous Infusion Devices Market is classified on the basis of product, technology, route of administration, end user and geographical regions.

Based on Product, Intraosseous Infusion Devices Market is segmented into

  • FAST1 Device
  • Dieckmann Modified Needle
  • BIG Device
  • EZ-IO Device
  • Jamshidi Needle
  • FASTx Device
  • NIO

Based on Technology, Intraosseous Infusion Devices Market is segmented into

  • Battery-Powered Driver
  • Manual IO Needles
  • Impact Driven Devices

Based on Route of Administration, Intraosseous Infusion Devices Market is segmented into

  • Battery-Powered Driver
  • Manual IO Needles
  • Impact Driven Devices

Based on End User, Intraosseous Infusion Devices Market is segmented into

  • Hospitals
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers
  • Cardiac Care Centers



North America

  • US
  • Canada


  • Germany
  • France
  • UK
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Russia
  • Poland
  • Rest of Europe


  • Japan
  • China
  • India
  • Australia & New Zealand
  • ASEAN (Includes Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, and Others)
  • South Korea
  • Rest of Asia-Pacific

Latin America

  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Argentina
  • Venezuela
  • Rest of Latin America

Middle East and Africa (MEA)

  • Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries
  • Israel
  • South Africa
  • Rest of MEA

Market Summary: Intraosseous Infusion Devices Market 

The worldwide intraosseous infusion devices market is exceptionally aggressive and broadened because of the nearness of an expansive number of local and universal sellers over the globe. Likewise, the net revenues of sellers will extend with the developing interest in security and fast mixture gadgets for liquid and prescription conveyance in high-chance patients. What’s more, it has been watched that these merchants are progressively contending with each other in light of components, for example, a value, accessibility, brand, and assortment. Moreover, the development capability of these sellers relies on economic situations, government support, and industry advancement.


Regional Analysis: Intraosseous Infusion Devices Market 

Geographically Intraosseous Infusion Devices Market is segmented as Latin America, North America, Asia- Pacific, The Middle East & Africa and Europe. North America was seen as the main geological locale in IO devices market because of rising use of IO devices in wandering and crisis cases, expanding pervasiveness of different incessant infections and the mounting number of horrible medical procedures and military utilization was watched high particularly in instances of war. Market specialists recommend that as IO mixture is quick, sheltered and viable innovation of vascular access through the bone marrow when intravenous endeavor neglects to set up vascular access. Asia-Pacific was seen as the most potential intraosseous gadgets advertise with rising appropriation of IO devices. However, high cost and absence of persistent preparing of medicinal and nursing staff and all around characterized conventions in regards to legitimate treatment of the gadget are controlling the market in this area.


Market participants: Intraosseous Infusion Devices Market 

Some of the players in Intraosseous Infusion Devices Market

  • PerSys Medical (US)
  • Pyng Medical Corporation. (Canada)
  • Aero Healthcare (US)
  • Vidacare (US)
  • Teleflex (US)
  • implox Pty Ltd. (Australia)
  • PAVmed (US)
  • Biopsybell (Italy)
  • Becton Dickinson Company/Carefusion Inc. (US)
  • Cook Medical Inc. (US)
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