Norway Molecular Diagnostic Market: By Disease Type (Gastrointestinal, (Bacterial Panel, Individual Panel, Parasitic panel Viral Panel) By Respiratory Infections (Bacterial Panel, COVID-19, Viral Panel) By Virology (Individual Panel (Adenovirus, BKV, CMV, EBV, HSV, JCV, VZV))) and Country

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Norway Molecular Diagnostic Market is valued at Euro 35.7 million in 2022 and is poised to grow at a significant CAGR of 7.2% over 2023–2029. The method of determining disease by examining molecules in a tissue or fluid, such as proteins, DNA, and RNA referred as the molecular diagnosis. There are various types of kits available for different diseases which are based application on molecular biology techniques. CMV and EBV are the most commonly occurring infectious diseases in Norway. These tests are conducted for people with organ transplantation, bone marrow transplantation, immunocompromised patients, pregnant women, gastric cancer treatment cancer patients, and others. Oslo University Hospital is one of the leading hospitals performing approximately 20,000 CMV tests annually. Oslo University Hospital has developed an in-house CMV test, CE marked. BKV, JCV, VZV, HSV, and Adenovirus in the blood and CSF are performed with PCR technique and Oslo University Hospital performs approximately 15 – 20 tests per day of each disease. Due to COVID-19, there has been reduced travel activity in large parts of Norway in 2020-2022, which also resulted in a marked decrease in screening tests for MRSA, VRE, and ESBL. Companies such as Amplex Diagnostics GmbH (Eazyplex VRE), Seegene, and BioMerieux offering commercial kits for VRE in Norway.

Norway Molecular Diagnostic Market Key Developments:

  • In October 2022, Thermo Fisher Scientific launched the TaqPath Enteric Bacterial Select Panel, a CE-IVD marked panel designed to detect common gastrointestinal (GI) bacteria including Salmonella spp., and Shigella spp./enteroinvasive E. Coli.
  • In July 2021, QIAGEN announced that its NeuMoDx HAdV Quant Assay for identifying and quantifying human adenovirus (HAdV) DNA has received CE-IVD certification for the European Union and other countries that accept this marking.
  • In March 2022, Luminex, a DiaSorin company, received a CE marking for its xMap NxTag Gastrointestinal Pathogen Panel (GPP), a molecular multiplex panel for the detection of 16 different pathogens. The stool-based test covers pathogens associated with gastrointestinal infections including Giardia lamblia.

Norway Molecular Diagnostic Market Dynamics

In Norway, high growth areas diseases in infectious and respiratory diseases are CMV, COVID-19, Influenza, RSV and in gastrointestinal bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases are more prominent. CMV infection is a common viral infection in humans, and approximately half of the population is unaware that they are infected with CMV. CMV infection is highly risky in pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems having HIV or who have had organ or stem cell transplants. The number of PCR tests for CMV diagnosis gradually increased over the historic years 2018 – 2022 across Norway. In 2022, market volume accounted for 49,361 tests. The market volume is expected to grow at 2.5% CAGR over the forecast years to reach 57,296 tests by 2028. The new in vitro diagnostic regulation from the EU specifies, inter alia, rules for CE marking and approval of commercial and self-produced analyses for use in diagnostics. European Commission has just proposed new transitional rules. The rules for CE marking are very extensive, and the regulations are thus a threat to the laboratories' ability to set up self-produced tests in the years to come. In this sense, the regulation challenges the preparedness in the event of future pandemics. Internationally, it has also been pointed out how critically impaired SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics would have been if the regulation had been in force during this pandemic.

Norway Molecular Diagnostic Market Segmentation

  • Bacteria Panel
    • difficle
    • Salmonella
    • Shigella
  • Individual Panel
    • EHEC
    • VRE
  • Parasite Panel
    • Cryptosporider
    • Entamoeba Histolytica
    • Giardia Lamblia
  • Viral Panel
    • Adenovirus
    • Norovirus
    • Rotavirus
    • Sapovirus
Respiratory Infections
  • Bacteria Panel
    • Bordetella Pertussis/Parapertussis/Holmesii
    • Chlamydophila Pneumonia
    • Legionella Pneumophillia
    • Mycoplasma pneumoniae
  • COVID Panel
    • Covid-19
    • Influenza A & B
    • RS-Virus
  • Viral Panel
    • hMPV
    • Parainfluenza 1,2,3,4
    • Adenovirus
    • Rhinovirus
  • Individual Panel
    • Adenovirus
    • BKV
    • CMV
    • EBV
    • HSV
    • JCV
    • VZV

Frequently Asked Questions

The Norway Molecular Diagnostic market is valued at Euro 35.7 million in 2022 and is poised to grow at a significant CAGR of 7.2% over 2023–2028.

The major players in the Norway Molecular Diagnostic market are QIAGEN, DiaSorin, Cepheid, Panther Fusion, Film Array, Seegene, Altona Diagnostics, Hologic, Siemens Healthineers, R-biopharma and BD Max

Increase in the incidence of infectious diseases such as CMV, EBV, gastrointestinal infections, and respiratory infections coupled with launched of advanced molecular diagnostic test kits and panels are surge the growth of market over the forecast years

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  • DiaSorin
  • BD Max
  • Cepheid
  • Panther Fusion
  • Film Array
  • Seegene
  • Altona Diagnostics
  • Hologic
  • R-biopharma

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