PGF2alpha (Prostaglandin F2α) Agonists Market: Competitive Landscape, Pipeline, and Market Analysis 2022

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PGF2α (Prostaglandin F2α) is a prostaglandin E2 and F2α receptor agonist, which is formed by the reduction of PGH2 by PG endoperoxide synthase or reductase. PGF2α acts by binding to the prostaglandin F2α receptor. It is released in response to an increase oxytocin levels in the uterus and stimulates both luteolytic activity and the release of oxytocin. In pregnancy, PGF2α is medically used as an abortifacient to sustain contracture and provoke myometrial ischemia to accelerate labor and prevent significant blood loss in labor, which act by stimulating uterine muscle contractions. PGF2α agonists are also predominantly used for the treatment of open-angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension, where they act either by reducing intra-ocular pressure or by increasing uveoscleral outflow. AbbVie, Santen, AGC Biologics, Aerie Pharma, and Merck (MSD) are some of the key players of PGF2α agonists in the market.

Key Developments:

  • In Apr 2019, Novartis completed the spin-off of Alcon eye care devices business, including PGF2α agonist Rocklatan and Travatan.
  • In Feb 2021, Mati Therapeutics acquires the purchase of rights for Evolute (Latanoprost) Punctal Plug Delivery System (PPDS) from Novelion Therapeutics.
  • In Oct 2022, Santen Pharmaceutical’s Cartioprost (Latanoprost emulsion), was applied for preregistration for glaucoma and ocular hypertension in European Union.

Approved PGF2α Agonist

  • VYZULTA (Latanoprostene bunod ophthalmic solution)
  • ROCKLATAN (Netarsudil and Latanoprost ophthalmic solution)
  • TRAVATAN (Travoprost)
  • LUMIGAN (Bimatoprost ophthalmic solutiuon)
  • DURYSTA (Bimatoprost implant)
  • TAPTIQOM (Tafluprost and Timolol)
  • ZIOPTAN (Tafluprost)

Drugs under the Pipeline for PGF2α Agonists

  • Sepetaprost (DE-126)
  • Latanoprost ocular implant (PA5108)
  • Travoprost punctal plug (OTX-TP)
  • Bimatoprost ophthalmic (T4032)
  • Tatanoprost liposomal (POLAT 001)
  • Travoprost intracameral implant (AM008)
  • Catioprost (Latanoprost emulsion)
  • Medidur (Fluocinolone acetonide micro-insert intravitreal implant)  
  • Rescula (Unoprostone isopropyl)   
  • Dorzolamide/Latanoprost (ALZ-1101)
  • Latanoprost/Dorzolamide (CKD-351)
  • Trabodenoson/Latanoprost
  • AGN-193408  
  • Bimatoprost/Brimonidine
  • Latanoprost/Timolol (T2347)
  • Subconjunctival Latanoprost Insert (VS-101)  
  • Travoprost (ENV-515)

Clinical Activity and Development of PGF2α Agonists

In the PGF2α agonists market,currently, there are more than 30 products being marketed and developed by 22 pharmaceutical companies, including both approved drugs and drugs in clinical trials.

  • In Nov 2020, AbbVie conducted Phase-I/II clinical trials in ocular hypertension and in open-angle glaucoma patients in the USA for AGN-193408 sustained release implant.
  • In Nov 2022, Santen Pharmaceutical conducted a Phase-III clinical trial in China for glaucoma and ocular hypertension for Taptiqom (Tafluprost/Timolol).

Molecule Name

Number of Studies

Sepetaprost (DE-126)


Latanoprost ocular implant (PA5108)


Travoprost punctal plug (OTX-TP)


Bimatoprost ophthalmic (T4032)


Tatanoprost liposomal (POLAT 001)


Travoprost intracameral implant (AM008)


Catioprost (latanoprost emulsion)


Medidur (Fluocinolone acetonide micro-insert intravitreal implant)


Rescula (Unoprostone isopropyl)


Dorzolamide/Latanoprost (ALZ-1101)


Latanoprost/Dorzolamide (CKD-351)








Latanoprost/Timolol (T2347)


Subconjunctival Latanoprost Insert (VS-101)


Travoprost (ENV-515)



Target Indication Analysis of PGF2alpha Agonists

PGF2α agonists, including latanoprost, travoprost, and bimatoprost are commonly used in the treatment of glaucoma. These medications help reduce intraocular pressure by increasing the outflow of aqueous humor from the eye. Similar to glaucoma, PGF2α agonists are also prescribed for management of ocular hypertension. Elevated intraocular pressure, without signs of glaucomatous damage, can be treated with these medications to prevent the development of glaucoma. Some PGF2α agonists, such as bimatoprost, have been investigated for their potential use in the treatment of cystoid macular edema, a condition characterized by fluid accumulation in the macula of the eye. Certain PGF2α agonists, such as gemeprost, can be used in combination with mifepristone to induce medical abortion, which helps in the termination of early pregnancies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vyzulta (Latanoprostene bunod ophthalmic solution), Rocklatan (Netarsudil and Latanoprost ophthalmic solution), Travatan (Travoprost), Lumigan (Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution), Durysta (Bimatoprost implant), Taptiqom (Tafluprost and Timolol), Zioptan (Tafluprost) are the approved PGF2? agonists.

The global sale of Lumigan for 2022 was US$ 514 million.

AbbVie, Santen, AGC Biologics, Aerie Pharma, and Merck (MSD) are a few major players in the PGF2alpha agonist space.

Open-angle glaucoma, Ocular hypertension, cystoid macular edema, and for abortifacient PGF2alpha agonists can be used.

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  • AbbVie (USA)
  • Santen Pharmaceuticals (Japan)
  • Thea Laboratories (France)
  • Ocular Therapeutics (USA)
  • AGC Biologics (USA)
  • Aerie Pharmaceuticals (USA)
  • Avid Bioservices (USA)
  • BioLight Life Science (Israel)
  • Envisia Therapeutics (USA)
  • Mati Therapeutics (USA)
  • Merck (MSD) (USA)
  • Novartis (Switzerland)
  • Otsuka (Japan)

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