Sexual Transmitted Infections (STI) Screening Market: By Disease Type (Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Herpes Simple Virus, Human Papillomavirus, and Others), By Diagnostic Test Type (Cultural/Isolated Organisms, Molecular test, Immunology Assay, and others), By Device Type (Laboratory Devices, and Point Of Sales), By End User (Laboratory, and Point of Care), and Geography

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Sexual Transmitted Infections (STI) Screening Market was valued at USD 17,347.9 million in 2023 and is projected to grow at a 7.4% CAGR from 2024 to 2030. The increase in the initiatives by the government bodies is a key factor that drives the sexually transmitted infections screening market. Over the past few decades, there has been a gradual increase in the prevalence and incidence of STDs. As there is a rise in the cases, countries are focusing on implementing nationwide screening programs which will help to boost the adoption of sexually transmitted infections diagnostics.

Additionally, innovations, awareness of infection, better treatment availability, and other factors raise the demand for sexually transmitted infection diagnostics. The increase in new product launches will generate new market opportunities during the forecast period. For instance, In June 2019, the U.S. FDA approved the Aptima Mycoplasma genitalium assay announced by Hologic Inc. Aptima is the only FDA-approved test for sexually transmitted infections (STI) which is becoming more popular. However, the increasing treatment cost will hinder the market growth during the forecast period. The market can also affected by the lack of infrastructure in developing countries and the strict regulations.

Sexual Transmitted Infections (STI) Screening Market Key Developments:
  • In February 2023, F. Hoffmann La Roche Ltd. to improve HIV and TB detection, prevention, and treatment in countries like Africa, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Latin America, and Caribbean countries that have been affected by most of the HIV and Tuberculosis epidemics, have entered into a public-private partnership (PPP) named lab networks for health with the U.S. CDC.
  • In May 2022, Dickinson & company and Becton launched its new fully Automated, high throughput, infectious disease molecular diagnostic platform named BD COR MX instrument which is a new analytical instrument option for the BD COR system. Three most prevalent non-viral sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as chlamydia trachomatis (CT), Neisseria gonnorhoeae (GC), and trichomonas vaginalis (TV). A range of negative patient outcomes may include in these three STIs to increased risk of HIV from pregnancy complications.
  • In February 2023, Mylab discovery solutions Pvt. Ltd. announced three rapid kits for early and rapid detection of STIs, which comprise Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV), Hepatitis C Virus (HCV), and Syphilis.

Sexual Transmitted Infections Screening Market Summary

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Base Year




Largest Market


Fastest Growing Market

Asia Pacific
Sexual Transmitted Infections (STI) Screening Market Dynamics

The sexually transmitted Infections (STIs) screening market share is being driven by a momentous rise in patient check-ups, campaigns, government initiatives, and growing awareness related to the infection, and others. Over the last decade, the sexually transmitted infections screening market share all around the globe has been increasing due to the innovations in sexually transmitted infections screening devices which are performing a key role in fluctuating the market. In Addition, increased public awareness and patient education also drives the growth of the sexually transmitted infections screening market.  as there is rising awareness regarding infection, the demand for sexually transmitted infections diagnostics is expected to rise, which boosts the market share during the forecast period.

Sexual Transmitted Infections Screening Market Segmentation

By Disease Type
  • Gonorrhea
  • Syphilis
  • Chlamydia
  • Herpes simple virus
  • Human papillomavirus
  • Others
By Diagnostic Test Type
  • Cultural/Isolated Organisms
  • Molecular Test
  • Immunology Assay
  • Other types of testing
By Device Type

Laboratory Devices

  • Thermal Cyclers-PCR
  • Lateral Flow Readers Immunochromatographic Assay Flow Cytometers
  • Absorbance Microplate Readers Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay
  • Others

Point of Sales

  • Phone Chips
  • Portable/Bench
  • Diagnostic Kits
By End User
  • Laboratory
  • Point of care

Frequently Asked Questions

Asia Pacific is projected to grow at a highest CAGR over the forecast period (2024-2030).

Abbott Laboratories, Diasorin S.p.A, Hologic, Inc, Siemens AG and Cephied (Danaher Corporation) are the major leading companies in the Global STD Diagnostics Market.

Historic years considered for the market study are 2019 through 2022, 2023 is considered as the base year for market estimation and the forecast presented from 2024 to 2030.

Key Features of the Reports

  • The sexual transmitted infections (STI) screening market report provides granular level information about the market size, regional market share, historic market (2019-2023), and forecast (2024-2030).
  • The report covers in-detail insights about the competitor’s overview, company share analysis, key market developments, and key strategies.
  • The report outlines drivers, restraints, unmet needs, and trends that are currently affecting the market.
  • The report tracks recent innovations, key developments, and start-up details that are actively working in the market.
  • The report provides a plethora of information about market entry strategies, regulatory framework, and reimbursement scenario.
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Bio-Rad laboratories
  • Qaigen Inc.
  • Diasorin SPA
  • MedMira Inc.
  • F.Hoffman
  • Hologic
  • Cepheid
  • BioMeriuex

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