Compression Therapy Market Size, Scope, Growth Opportunities 2022-28

According to Precision Business Insights (PBI), the latest report compression therapy market size was valued at USD 2,539.2 million in 2021

According to Precision Business Insights (PBI), the latest report compression therapy market size was valued at USD 2,539.2 million in 2022 and growing at a CAGR of 12.3% over the forecast period 2023-2029. In order to improve blood flow in the legs, compression therapy involves wearing stockings, socks, or other elastic clothing designed to support and contain veins. It improves circulation to relieve swelling and soreness in the legs and returns normal leg function. The compression stockings allow for the lowering of vein cavities and venous pressure, reducing venous stasis and venous walk impairment. Compression therapy increases blood flow and the effectiveness of the lymphatic and venous systems by applying regulated pressure to the lower limbs.

The Compression Therapy Market Growth Factors:

Varicose veins, pregnancy, prior deep vein thrombosis, inactivity, and past deep vein thrombosis are all factors that increase the likelihood of lymphatic and venous problems. Lymphatic problems can also be brought on by operations, breast cancer, and venous insufficiency. Additionally, the vigorous research efforts of major market players in product innovation led to the introduction of unique products. Thus, the rising incidence of chronic diseases and public knowledge of cutting-edge therapies like compression clothing and other gadgets would probably boost market expansion. The population's lack of knowledge about compression therapies and the availability of complementary therapies, however, limit the market's expansion. The absence of globally standardized worldwide pressure standards for compression therapy clothing may make choosing clothing to treat various ailments difficult. Globally, a number of criteria exist with different pressure specifications for each bar.

The Compression Therapy Market Segmentation:
By Technology: Static Compression Therapy, Dynamic Compression Therapy
By Product: Compression Stockings, Compression Bandages & Wraps, Compression Garments, Compression Pumps, Compression Braces
By Application: Venous Leg Ulcers, Deep Vein Thrombosis Treatment, Lymphedema Treatment, Leg Ulcer Treatment, Other Applications

The Compression Therapy Market Regional Analysis:
Throughout the projected period, the Asia Pacific region's growth rate is anticipated to be rapid. The market is fueled by significant R&D expenditures by key competitors and ongoing efforts to commercialize goods at lower costs. On the other hand, the market for compression therapy is dominated by North America because of the region's aging population, rising incidence of chronic venous diseases, and obesity. The occurrence of appropriate government reimbursement will also contribute to the market expansion for compression therapy in the country over the course of the forecast year.

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