Semen Analysis Market Growth Opportunities Forecast 2022-28

According to Precision Business Insights, the Semen Analysis Market research report provides industry size and growth.

The latest report by Precision Business Insights, titled Semen Analysis Market covers complete information on market size, share, growth, trends, segment analysis, key players, drivers, and restraints. The global semen analysis market size was valued at USD 350.0 million in 2021 and is poised to grow at a significant CAGR of 8.0% over 2022-2028.

The Semen Analysis Market Overview: 
Semen analysis is performed for veterinary purposes, such as artificial insemination as well as animal breeding, as well as to assess male fertility, for individuals seeking pregnancy or confirming the success of a vasectomy. Based on numerous criteria, the analysis is done to assess the sperm's descriptive parameters, such as its volume, concentrations, motility, survivability, and normal morphology. Semen analysis market growth has been primarily attributed to infertility, which has been linked to aberrant sperm functioning, sperm delivery issues, excessive exposure to certain environmental variables like pesticides and chemicals and radiation, smoking, and heavy alcohol usage.

The Semen Analysis Market Growth Factors: 
The rising rate of male infertility has given semen count analyses a lot of momentum. The market for sperm count testing is growing due to rising awareness of male infertility and the development of more accurate diagnostic tests. The COVID-19 outbreak has forced manufacturers to supply adequate healthcare facilities due to the exceptional healthcare expenditure, medical equipment, etc. The market for sperm count tests has been impacted by this. Because of the worldwide decline in coronavirus cases, this stress has decreased. Manufacturers in the worldwide sperm count test market are concentrating on delivering high-quality services with the aid of cutting-edge test kits and enhanced medical infrastructure.

Market Segmentation:
1) By Product Type: Instruments, Reagents & Kits and Software
2) By Sample Source: Human and Veterinary
3) By Application: Semen Count, Diagnosis and Others
4) End user: Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Fertility Centers, and Others  

Regional Analysis:

The market for semen analysis systems is divided into seven major geographical areas: North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Asia Pacific except Japan, Japan, and the Middle East. The market for semen analysis systems is anticipated to be dominated by North America. The United States has the highest rate of male infertility in the world€”9.5 percent€”according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which is anticipated to support the expansion of the semen analysis systems market in the area. The market for semen analysis systems is also anticipated to expand as a result of diet and obesity, as well as the introduction of new products to meet the demand for therapy.

The major players in the global  semen analysis market  are Akymed, Hamilton Thorne Inc, Microptic S.L., MotilityCount Aps, ContraVac Inc.

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